Erman Izzi "I'm Not That" showcased in Copenhagen

Convention Bureau Terre Ducali is cooperating with Italian Institute of Culture in Copehnagen in the arrangement of "I'm Not That". The exhibition features 30 works of talented emerging artist Erman Izzi. The exhibition will be held in Copenhagen from May 17th until June 10th 2018.

With the project "I'm not that", young and talented artist Erman Izzi accomplishes his effort to unveil his concept of person. The 30 works from his last masterpiece show the rules of classical portrait and figurative art in a contemporary sense, through the creative use of photography and digital post-production.

The protagonists of "I'm not that" are contemporary icons with mutant identities: essential portraits of men and women exploring the concept of limit and the delicate relationship between subject and object.

Erman Izzi achieved a bachelor in art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino in 2005. From the early years of activity Erman reveals a plurality of interests: from painting to photography and cinema, in particular the work of Lars Von Trier. "I'm not that" is the third stage of a journey that goes across the exploration of the body through the pictorial intervention oil on canvas on digital printing, culminating in the exploration of the face and the subject.



IIC Copenhagen