Team Building Hydrofoil Bike

Brand new team building format riding a Hydrofoil Bike, World's first water E-Bike. The hydrofoil team building is a original and challenging experience designed to strengthen and motivate your goup staff or simply offer some hours of funny and recreational activity on water. Contact us for more information.

Convention Bureau Terre Ducali presents a brand new corporate team building and incentive format in cooperation with partners Top Active, specialized in the organization of corporate training and team building formats, and Aquaride, the exclusive distributor of Hydrofoil Bike in Italy, Switzerland and Malta

Starting from assembling Hydrofoil Bikes on the beach, cooperating like a real team of mechanics, then learning together the the techniques of starting and pedaling on water and ending with a fun challenge through a path between buoys.

Convention Bureau Terre Ducali will assist you in event management: field of play set-up, Hydrofoil Bike rental and transportation, Aquarider experts teaching staff and coaches, hotel services and catering..

The format can be customized according to the number of participants and adaptable to seaside and lake. The ideal period is spring, summer and autumn months.



Team Building Format

  • Ground assembly of Hydrofoil Bikes in teams
  • Learnig the start technicques 
  • Team training and testing
  • Hydrofoil Bike challenge

Training objectives and methodology

  • Allow relational dynamics and group behaviors emerge in a clear way
  • Generate awareness and sicover new behaviours and ways of acting that can be transferred into professional practice
  • "Learning by doing" alternating moments of de-briefing and practical exercises

Areas of intervention

  • Confidence
  • Empowerment
  • Resilience
  • Change management
  • Effective communication
  • Feedback and culture of error
  • Teamwork

Services provided by Convention Bureau Terre Ducali

  • Project management
  • Educational and experiential project
  • Hydrofoil Bike technical staff and instructors
  • Hydrofoil Bike rental
  • Technical equipment
  • Hotel and catering services
  • Transfer and logistics
  • Safety and assistance on water

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Top Active Formazione & Team Building
Aquaride | Distributore Esclusivo Hydrofoil Bike