Moreno Cedroni

2 Michelin Star Chef and 3 Gambero Rosso Forks from "La Madonnina del Pescatore Restaurant" in Senigallia (Marche).

Moreno Cedroni is the two stars chef Michelin that brought a spirit of avant-garde in Italian cooking. Born in Ancona in 1964, at just twenty he opened the restaurant La Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia (named by the Wall Street Journal among the top ten European restaurants of fish in 2011, and decorated by the Espresso Guide 2011 Score 18/20). Since then, he has written several books including Sushi & amp; Susci, which introduces the concept of susci, or an innovative way to reinterpret the raw fish, which he left as an imitation of the traditional idea of ​​the Japanese sushi to become later a real independent study. The reign of his susci will become in 2000 the Clandestino Sushi Bar, right in the heart of the most spectacular scenery of the coast of the Adriatic, Portonovo.

In 2003 he began producing in his laboratory workshop the renowned gourmet preserves and the same year opened the first delicatessen fish in the world, Anikò, in the town of Senigallia. In 2010 joined Moschino to create a version of its urban susci bar, the Clandestino Milano. Cedroni has received several awards and recognitions including the Sun of Veronelli, the Three Forks Gambero Rosso and Swedish Seafood Award Kungsfenan. He is considered one of the most innovative Italian chef, a true enfant terrible of international cuisine that plays between the roots in traditional Italian cuisine and the liveliness of its visionary spirit.


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