D.C.E. Project

Convention Bureau Terre Ducali is a partner of D.C.E. Project ("Evolved Cultural District") of Marche Region.

Since 2014 Convention Bureau Terre Ducali is partner of D. C. E. (Evolved Cultural District), Marche Region co-financed project led by the Municipality of Pesaro. The project supports local development models to integrate culture, economy, new technologies, environment, tourism and education.

Communication, Street Food and Creative Productions are the three clusters of action. Communication is at the base of the entire project. The goal is to boost the image of the area providing a complete overview of the global cultural offer, giving priority to new media and digital technologies. Street Food represents a very important cluster as well. Food is a well recognized excellence ofMarche region. This peculiarity can rise from a platform selecting excellence gaining much more visibility even though specific training activities. By this way food becomes a creative enterprise. Third cluster refers to merchandising and creative products which become ambassadors of the territory and add 'value' to the experience of tourists and visitors.